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Discription of our site.
Visitor of find it possible to hide their links.

Realy want to know How does this script work?
Visitor can learn how this script work in the top of this page and also the second one, You can run your own short URL service with ease. Visitors of our popular site called have the opportiunity to hide their links by adding them here in this site. In times where people send millions of sms, emails or Twitter messages daily, a short URL service is very popular. So you would have a high traffic of your links within a few months with this script or if you want it to be secret it is up to you. This gives you the opportunity to easily protect your long links with your short URL service website.
We offer our visitors a short URL service for the niche of downloading New films, ont only new but aslo recent, programes and views hot local and world news; and you would gladly come back to your links. Or you can simply use the script for masking your own affiliate links and know how many times an URL has been clicked or downloaded. Short URL protect script allows you to have a URL shortening service under this domain. If we talk about site owner,we find that he can use the script for managing downloads, masking URLs, and keeping track of how many times a link has been clicked. Please feel free to use this script and protect your favourite links and images for long time but please follow our Privacy Policy as we are irresponsable for any mistaken action with this script.

Some informations about Script Features.
- Search engine friendly short URLs, Meta tags and traffic comes for your Site
- This site has option to let the users create a custom alias for their short URL.
- Setup your site Meta tags and static pages (advertise, privacy and terms) with ease.
- Contact page with contact form and captcha verification image to hide your email address and prevent spam as we hate spame as much as you do.
- Advertisement management tools to support your high revenue and this could be use in business sites.
- Dynamic meta tags (Search engine friendly).
- Easy to edit Your links with ease and this is very good for users.
- Script Coded by hand, designed under the newest security aspects and fast bug fixing.
- Easy and fast Protecting your links.

It is great to know that heavy duty application proven to be very stable - it may perform millions redirects and handle hundreds of thousands URLs without any kind of slow motion.
You can visit your site and use it without registeration.
Feel confortable we have a spam protection:-
1) second timeout between submissions from same IP address
2) same URLs submitted from same user will have same shortened Tag (unless user wants different Tags) so don't worry about your links.

Your can also visit top download links here as we will provide you with hot download links forum our site , as this links of New fils or new Programes , also know those links will be updated daily more about hosting files, download

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